Tara L.

December 2, 2023
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“Having BRCI take over all the accounting has been the BEST thing HRN ever did, wish we would have done it sooner. Working with Jazmin is superb. She is an extremely dedicated and detailed individual and takes great care of us. Thanks!!!”

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P. Onalaska, WA

Carol is always patient and helpful. She is a great teacher and helps the staff to understand the ins and outs of QBs! She is professional but never talks down to those she is working with. She is a great asset to any businesses bookkeeping staff.

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Christina G.

Excellent resource for my company. Accurate, efficient and courteous. I am so thankful I found this business to assist mine. As a business owner accurate record keeping is very important. Carol Bezy and her staff are excellent.

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Mike S.

I always enjoy visiting with Carol while we are doing the quarterlies. This last visit we discovered some over-payments to the state and Carol initiated the refund process and submitted the forms for me. Always nice to get money back.

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Trish M.

Services were professional, respectful and helpful in terms of translating confusing information into relevant documents and processes specific to our agency that we can implement immediately.

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R. & N.P.

We own a small business and Carol Bezy has been a valuable asset to us in terms of business performance, accounting and tax understanding. Prior to finding Business Resource Center, we were constantly chasing the ball on our taxes. Carol has helped us stay ahead and...

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