Michael R.

Warm, patient, and thorough…Carol has been helping us with our organization’s taxes and QuickBooks questions for years and is always very responsive and careful to explain the steps that we need to take to be compliant with often difficult to understand tax...

Heather V.

“My husband and I have a small motel and I have been using QuickBooks for about eight years. Although it is a great system to work with, technology and I will always be at odds and past accounting experiences have never been really successful for me. I found Business...

Joanne C.

“Thanks so much for another year of an easy and stress free tax return process.”

Rick G.

“Treated very professional as always, will continue to use for personal and professional tax needs. They are the best.”

Pam M.

“As always, I was not disappointed by the customer service, professionalism and caring by the staff of BRC when preparing and dealing with my 2013 income tax/information. This is not my first year using BRC. Each year the staff goes above and beyond making me feel...